In Creative Therapy, therapists trained in music, drama, dance, movement, art psychotherapy and counselling, work together with individuals, couples, families and carers to support being creative as a way to engage, allow for individual expression encouraging communication and interaction. Therapists attune to needs through their response, seeking to develop safe, trusting relationships and facilitate creative play, dialogue and reflective thinking.

In working jointly with parents/carers and their children/adults with additional needs, therapists support acknowledging and facilitating ways to interact in rewarding and meaningful ways developing resilience and self-esteem.

Music, for example, is an inborn quality as is movement and interaction however minute, internal or external. All of us can respond, irrespective of age or ability. Creative therapists use improvisation to draw others into shared play, engaging a person's innate creativity and working with emotional, physical, social and developmental difficulties in a new creative mutually inclusive landscape.