'Just listening to Harley's voice makes me feel relaxed and at ease. I lacked so much confidence and her support has been immeasurable in the way I am now able to interact with others and move my life forward.' Individual client

'My daughter began like a rabbit in the headlights and now has renewed confidence and self-awareness, using the techniques learnt in sessions and communicating her needs.' Parent of a young teenager

'My wife was so agitated, finding interaction with others deeply challenging. Harley immediately put her at ease, finding ways to play and communicate.' Husband with wife with dementia

'I felt much more able to manage day to day and honestly feel empowered after our sessions. I felt really heard and valued. Life had been really hard and I did not know what to do. It's like the load has lifted and I can be me again'. Individual client

'Harley and her team of therapists are consistently delivering an outstanding service, serviceusers are constantly asking for more sessions.' Viviana, Children's Centre Manager

'We love 'being in rhythm' days as the atmosphere is so friendly and everyone is so excited beforehand and happy and relaxed as they leave - they create the sunshine indoors!' Alison, Children's Centre Administrator

Prior to government cuts we ran sessions in children's centres in London with open drop in groups with families from a few days old to 5 yrs of age. Feedback was 100% positive with every group member responding that they 'definitely' enjoyed the sessions, all felt closer to their children, felt it was easier to know and understand their child's communications, and 'definitely' felt improvement on how they felt as parents. Other comments stated sessions were 'outstanding', 'the professionalism, warmth and humour of the therapists helped us relax and notice our children in a different light', 'my child could not manage sharing or loud noises and was very fearful - to see him at the last session playing with other children so confidently and helping tidy and wanting to show me, was wonderful!' Previous feedback collated by Richmond Borough Council stated 96% families said our sessions are great (4% said they are good) 86% said they knew their child better feeling more equipped to respond to their needs. Everyone said sessions helped them relax - both parent and child.

'Live music responding to my child's music - and mine - has helped me understand my child's psychology more deeply'. Hannah, mother of a 2 yr old

“I never realised that I was able to sing and delight my child just by being myself!” - A Parent commented to the Childrens Centre staff after a 'being in rhythm' session.