Sometimes issues arise where children and young people need support. Working creatively helps engage both right and left sides of the brain to overcome any anxieties, fears or behavioural issues. Short or longer term therapy is available on an individual basis. Families are also invited to work together, finding new ways to communicate needs respectfully and harmoniously. Sessions may involve deep relaxation, life-coaching and mindfulness. All sessions are held in confidence in a safe beautiful healing environment.


‘I would definitely recommend Harley to anyone struggling with parenting. She supported my daughter [aged 8] through a challenging period and from being a rabbit caught in the headlights she is now a confident happy little girl. Harley also supported my husband and I with managing difficulties at home. Priceless.’ parent


Costs: £55 - £75


Harley Loudon is a senior music therapist, artist, counsellor, voice, drama & movement consultant, coach and cross-professional Creative Supervisor.